Mann in Sportschwimmbecken
Healthy & Safe Holidays
in Ramsau am Dachstein


Swim, run, bike in and around the Dachstein Massif

Triathlon enthusiasts will be hard pushed to find a better training base in the Alps than Ramsau am Dachstein.

The landscape is ideal for endurance sports. As well as running trails high in the mountains or down in the valley floor, there are plenty of swimming pools and natural lakes for vigorous lengths. The region's quiet and well-maintained roads are excellent for cycling. Regular triathlon events also take place in Ramsau am Dachstein. 

The 1st Austria eXtreme Triathlon starts in Graz and leads over the Sölk Pass via the Ramsauer Südwand Hütte to the Dachstein Massif. It features a 3.8 km swim,  186 km bike and 44 km run and is held every year. The course features fantastic views, though it is unlikely that the athletes will have much time to admire them!

Triathlon events in the region:

  • 1st Austria eXtreme Triathlon
  • Ramsauer Gaudi Team Triathlon
  • Ramsau Rittisberg Triathlon
Triathlon holidays in Ramsau

From the valley floor to the mountain peaks – triathlon enthusiasts spending their holiday in Ramsau am Dachstein will find plenty of top training locations. Pick your favourite apartment at the Rittis Alpin Chalets and start looking forward to your active holiday with us.

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