Loipe vor dem Dachstein

Biathlon Centre

Training centre for biathletes

Have you ever seen biathlon on television and wanted to have a go yourself at this fascinating combination of shooting and cross-country skiing? Well now you can! The biathlon centre in Ramsau gives beginners the opportunity to try out biathlon. Breathing and shooting techniques are among the most important skills taught, with participants having the chance to test their aim using real biathlon rifles. You will soon see that hitting the target is not that easy, especially when your heart is beating hard after cross-country skiing. The small calibre shooting range with 12 shooting lanes as well as the two air rifle shooting ranges are used by many top biathletes for training.

Of course, shooting is only half the story. Biathlon combines a steady hand and good eye with the challenging sport of cross-country skiing. A large network of cross-country skiing trails catering for all abilities is available in and around the village. The biathlon centre in Ramsau is therefore ideal for beginners and pros. Little wonder that so many top national and international athletes and teams come to Ramsau am Dachstein to train.

Tip! The Alpincenter Dachstein offers biathlon courses for beginners, experts and groups. In private lessons the focus is placed on shooting skills.

Biathlon Centre

A fascinating combination of shooting and XC skiing

The biathlon centre in Ramsau am Dachstein features:

  • shooting range for small calibre weapons with 12 shooting lanes
  • two air rifles shooting ranges
  • challenging cross-country skiing course